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27th June 1743

1The King's Own Regiment of Dragoons (later 3rd Hussars), and the Queen's Own Royal Regiment of Dragoons (later 7th Hussars) both fought this decisive victory over the French and Bavarian armies in the War of the Austrian Succession.

2Two Squadrons of the 3rd Dragoons charged and defeated nine squadrons of the French Cavalry, capturing two silver kettle drums (those now in the Regiment are copies of the originals which were destroyed by fire in 1855). This action saved the left of the line from being outflanked by the French Cavalry of the "Maison du Roi".

3Thomas Brown received over seven wounds recapturing the Regimental Guidon from the French; he was knighted for his gallantry by King George II on the night after the battle.

4At one stage of the battle when the French Household Troops were bearing down on the British line, the 7th Dragoons and the remains of the 3rd Dragoons charged three times into the oncoming enemy and succeeded in turning them back.

5Dettingen was the last battle in which the Sovereign King George II led his army into action.

6"DETTINGEN" was awarded as a Battle Honor to the 3rd and 7th Hussars.


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