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El Alamein

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The Grant

1The Grant came into service in early 1942 and was first used by the 8th Armoured Division in the western desert. There were just short of 600 in total bought for the British and of those 167 of them went to the 4th Armoured Brigade in time for the Battle of Gazala, May 27th 1942. The Grant lifted the morale of the British troops that used her as she could out range the German Panzers. By June 1942 and the Battle of El Alamein the british had 200 Grant Tanks at their disposal.


2The Main armament of the tank was a hull mounted 75mm gun with limited traverse, the result of this was that it could never be used in a hull down position. This said the British crews now at least had parity with the Germans, the ability to fire High Explosive rounds meant that they could take on Rommel's Anti-Tank guns, The Grant also had the ability to fire Armour Piercing rounds.

3The British variant of the Grant was fitted with a modified turret that was capable of housing radio equipment, where the American counterpart had its radios fitted in the hull.

Grant tank on Display

Technical Specifications

Crew = 6

Armament = 1 x 75mm 1 x 37mm and 1 x .30 Browning.

Engine = Wright Radial R975, giving 340 BHP

Max Speed = 26 Mph

Year into service = 1942

4 If you would like to know more about the Vehicles used by the regiment then visit the Regimental Shop.

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