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El Alamein

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The Sherman

1The Sherman tank was the second most produced tank during the War (the first being the T34). Originally called the T6 the sherman was unveiled in 1941and the first production models were rolled out in 1942.


2 The Sherman had a 75mm gun in the turret with a .30 Browning and a .30 Browning mounted in the Hull.

3 The 75mm was of no match to the German tanks in the later of the war years, to this end in some of the British tanks the 75mm was replaced with a much heavier 17 Pounder and renamed "The Firefly" and was then used in a Tank Destroyer role. If we put aside the Sherman's shortcomings it was more reliable than the British produced tanks at that time.

Sherman in Mud

Technical Specifications

Crew = 5

Armament = 1 x 17 pdr and 2 x .30 Browning

Engine = Ordnance 9 cylinder RD-1820

Max Speed = 25 Mph

Year into service = 1942

4 If you would like to know more about the Vehicles used by the regiment then visit the Regimental Shop.

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